Mediation Services

Do you have a dispute with another individual or organization?   Do you want to resolve the dispute?  We can help you through mediation.   

Why mediation?

  • the mediation process generally takes far less time than moving a dispute through the courts. Taking less time means spending less money.
  • unlike the legal system where court hearings are public, mediation is a strictly confidential process. No one but the parties in dispute will know what happened in the mediation process. 
  • in a court case, the parties do not have control over the outcome; it is the judge and jury who determine the outcome.  In mediation, it is the two parties who control the outcome.  Consequently, the outcome will be mutually agreed by both parties.
  • compliance with a mediated agreement is usually high because both parties mutually agreed on the resolution.  Mediated agreements are fully enforceable in a court of law should that be required.
  • mediated resolutions have a higher probably of the two parties being able to preserve their relationship after the resolution has be implemented unlike court imposed resolutions which usually produce a win-lose situation and bitter feelings between the two parties
  • through mediation we help both parties to "think out side the box" for possible solutions to their dispute; this process often increases the range of possible solutions usually not initially considered in a dispute

Please contact us by clicking here if you want to learn more about how to use our mediation services to assist you in resolving your disputes.