Effective Communication Coaching

Do you have difficulty communicating with a your boss, a co-worker, your spouse, your lover?  Is there a crucial conversation you need to have to sort matters out? Many of us find it hard to communicate effectively in emotionally charged critical conversations.  We can help you learn techniques to transform critical conversations into successful communications in which the outcome is a win-win for both parties.

Effective communication is principled, negotiated communication.

Principled negotiated communication coaching will teach you how:

  • to diffuse emotionally charged situations by developing your empathy skills; when you can empathize with others (see the world from their perspective) you will be less reactive and emotional charged and, thereby, will be able to truly hear and suggest new approaches
  • to focus on interests/needs rather than positions; communications are often ineffective because both parties enter the communication with an established position which they want to prevail.  No communication will take place until the parties move from their positions to talking about their interests or needs.
  • to invent options for mutual gain; often communications are ineffective because the parties assume there is only one resolution possible.  By learning how to brainstorm options, you will learn that here are usually many options available
  • to reframe an issue toward gathering information based on concrete observations rather than impressions and unsubstantiated data

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